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You can find all popular cat breeds with photos, videos and description in our catalogue. Each breed has its own peculiarities which people like.
Nowadays, there are more than 45 cat breeds in the world. They are both little known and very popular breeds of cats.
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Food for your senior cat

Diet for old and healthy pet should be at the highest level. When the cat becomes old, not only its appearance changes but also its behavior.

Accustoming the cat to the toilet

Every pet owner is proud of how quickly his pet learned to go into the litter. Try to teach your tailed friend to go straight on the human toilet!

Cat breed Egyptian Mau

The home of Egyptian Mau is Egypt. In Arabic "Mau" means a cat. Images of these beauties are found in ancient Egyptian pictures (aged more than thirty centuries) where they represent the gods of Bast and the god of the sun Ra. During the time of the Phara

Comfortable journey of a cat

If you want to take your pet in a journey, you should worry about it is comfortable and not scared. What methods of transportation are suitable for cats? Carrying an animal in your arms. Even the sweetest and the kindest cat turns into a fury if it feels

Cat's brain: behavioral characteristics of domestic cats

Our pets have lived with us for thousands years, and we still can't understand them. Domestic cat today is virtually identical to the wild African cats - its wild ancestor. This little small animal is a predator which doesn't need the community, although

Can cats eat sweets?

Many animals have a sweet tooth, a cat isn't an exception. But are sweets really so useful for pets? Because animal's organism needs glucose (sugar) to produce energy so necessary to sustain life. In fact, when a cat eats candies, a piece of chocolate (ot