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Munchkin: a brief description of the breed

Munchkin is a cat equivalent of a basset with the same short legs and long body. There is a lot of controversy about this breed, some experts believe the Munchkin should not be considered as the breed.

How to buy a cat

You have decided to get a cat. It's a very serious decision. Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons. It's necessary to prepare for cleaning carpets and furniture from its hair, to learn to forgive the stolen sausage from the table and torn things. Your pe

Cats in China

In the East people like everything beautiful and mysterious. Who if not a cat best combines these two qualities? She is the beauty and mystery in one. So, it always has a place in the history of eastern countries.

Cats of this breed have a fairly compact exterior

Cats of this breed have a fairly compact exterior, they are strong, well balanced. These cats big and broad breasts, low and big legs. The tail has a rounded shape, round tip, the tail is very strong and powerful at the base. Ears are small, which are at

Care of Siberian cat

Siberian cats as a breed have become very popular among pet lovers very recently. It has got its name thanks to the origin from Siberia. From wildlife they came to human house at about ten years ago. During this time, scientists have not identified yet th

How to achieve healthy hair of your cat?

When there is a new family member in the house it is always a pleasure, especially if it's a cute and fluffy kitten. Initially, its hair does not require careful maintenance and does not bring much trouble. But the older the pet gets, the more attention s