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American Curl is a strange breed of cat with unusually twisted ears. This breed appeared in 1981 in the United States. It was an ordinary domestic cat, but her ears were curled in a strange way and all of her kids were born with the same whimsical ears. Then the cat was the first American Curl. In America this breed doesn't set wondering, in other countries it is a rarity.

The American Curl looks very beautiful. Curved shape of its ears makes it face look cute and a little sly and skittsh. It is of a medium size, slender, tubby enough and has beautiful fan-shaped tail and round legs. Its hair can be both long and short. Any length looks great, long-haired cats hit by their softness and shorthaired hit by smoothness and luster of its hair. It has slanted eyes and may be of different colors, as well as its color, but they always have to consort with them. Choosing a cat of this breed you should know its ears may be straight, but they aren't worse than cats with curled ears.

Despite the unusual and beautiful exterior the cat has great character. This pet will be gentle and friendly both with adults and small children, and will be a good friend for them. They are intelligent and adapt well to its environment. They aren't demanding and picky as many other breeds of cats. They have so much tenderness that probably any other cat doesn't have it so much, they constantly chafe and poke their little noses when you stroke them.

Those who are familiar with the American Curl breed, know these cats are never old in soul. They are so playful and energetic that you never be bored with them. They can easily climb into the bath with you or will you watch TV. They are very curious and attentive, so they will always walk after you not to miss anything. If you leave the kitten without attention, it can feel useless and bored of being alone.

If your choice is long-haired Curl, prepare a brush in advance because you'll have to comb it two or three times a week. If you have chosen a short-haired pet, it won't be difficult to take care of it, because it needs to be combed only once a month. But if you have time and desire, you can comb your pet often, as they like care. Just do not forget to bathe it monthly and cut its claws. If you do not cut cat's claws, they will grow in and it will hurt. If the ears are dirty you have to clean them with cotton swab soaked in boiled water.

If you keep these simple recommendations, your American will be not only beautiful, but also absolutely healthy. American Curls have great health as the don't have any genetically transmitted diseases. We can say, these cats have only one drawback - price. The cost of the American Curl is quite high and is up to $ 4000.

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