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Canadian sphynx - lunar cat

When you first look at this creature it is difficult to fall in love with it, and it is a fact. Most people are accustomed to the fact that the cat "has to be" fluffy and proud, condescendingly receiving the love of its owner. However, sphynxes are very d

Long-haired cats: the secrets of care

Cat breeds with beautiful long hair look like the real stars from zoo magazines. Such pets need special care. Thick and long hair should be well-groomed not just to bring the cat's owner pride and aesthetic pleasure, but also not to cause discomfort to th

Elderly Feline Health Problems

During the pet's lifetime you become very attached to it, but ... It may sound sadly and scary but cats live a little and they are put to eld much faster than their owners.

Why do cats not like bathing?

Although cats try to keep away from everything that is related to water, they can swim and some of them even like it. If the cat is in water far from the shore, she don't go to the bottom as a dead-weight, it will swim to th shore not worse than a dog. Fe

Why do cats sleep at the feet?

Cats are the most popular among pets. It is believed that the main species has come from the steppe cat, which appeared more than 130,000 years ago. It lived in the mountains and deserts. They have become pets 10 000 years ago, and it happened in the Midd

Cat manners

Why do all cats love boxes, refuse to drink water from the saucer and sharpen their claws on the master's couch? Answers to these questions were found by ethologists - scientists who study genetically determined, that is instinctive, animal behavior.