Scottish Fold cat: funny individuals

Unusual appearance, good-natured character and ease of care make Scottish Fold breed more and more popular around the world. History of Scottish Fold breed. Scottish Fold cats have opened recently, and it happened quite by accident. In 1959, a shepherd from the village near Cupar Angus in Tayside (Scotland) became interested in neighbor's cat, which had an unusually bent ears. This breed he had ever met. In 1961 appeared the cat kittens, and William Ross decided to try to breed fascinating animals. However, despite all efforts to register new breed in Scotland, he had not succeeded. Prevented suspicions about possible problems with the ears. But William Ross gave up and went to America, where in 1976 the breed Scottish Fold has finally been officially recognized. Very soon, in 1978, Scottish Fold league title and get ranked in the top ten most popular cat breeds in the United States. Appearance and Scottish Fold breed standard. Scottish Fold - cats are very compact, medium-sized and balanced physique. Besides hanging ears, they are distinguished by a round muzzle with pronounced cheeks and big round eyes, the color of which generally corresponds to coat color. But the color of the Scots could be anything, and the breed standard allows it. By tails in exhibition cats attention. The fact that the folds Scottish - is a natural mutation, a gene which is responsible for the folded lugs may cause deformation of the skeletal bones. So the short and fixed tail is a clear sign of skeletal anomalies. A healthy cat's tail is long and tapering. The litter of kittens fold amount is usually about half. Kittens with straight ears called Scottish Straight and to participate in the exhibitions are not allowed. They have all the features of the breed but, in fact, the ears and play an important role in breeding. To the kitten was born healthy and without skeletal abnormalities, need binding Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight. Character and habits of the Scottish Fold cats. Scottish Folds are sufficiently independent. They will not be intrusive to demand attention and will not tolerate coercion to communicate. But this does not mean that the Scots are unfriendly, quite the contrary. This is a very affectionate pets, especially when moderately get bored. However, hardly tolerate your pet if you miss him unceremoniously on his hands. But once you leave him alone, and he immediately expresses its location potershis on your feet. Scottish Fold is easily adjustable to set your rules. They are very clever. Once lucidly explain the behavior and can not worry that their cat will break. At least, your eyes do not exactly happen. Interesting and funny poses that likes to take the Scot, it's his very real business card. Stretched to his full height, strike a pose chipmunk lying on the arm of the couch and go down all four legs or a human to sit on a chair, leaning on the back - for Scottish fold standard of behavior, and for the owners - an endless source of admiration and delight. How much would a Scot you have not lived, not noticing his quirks is absolutely impossible! By Scottish Fold kosham easily get used even by those who had not suffered pets in his apartment. But independent Scots children can not come to taste. Although, if you take the kitten in the house, which already has a child, no problem. Scottish Fold - Cats are very clean. If kept in order his toilet, a smell in the house you will never hear. Respect the personal space of your pet, have fun with his cute behavior, do not forget from time to time to chat with him, and the Scotsman answer you endless love and devotion.