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Breed Havana Brown
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Cat breed - Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau, as the name implies, comes from Egypt. This is evidenced by the images of the breed of cats on the walls of pyramids and temples, that the Egyptians worshiped them, considering them sacred animals. Generally, cats were revered in Egypt and g

Siamese is one of the miniature breeds

Siamese is one of the miniature breeds, elegant cats. Siamese cat has wedge, long head. Siamese breed has a special last coloring, not peculiar to all other breeds. This breed of cats throughout its existence has remained unchanged because they were not c

Cat's walk or freedom in pet’s actions?

Cats, probably, are the only pets who love freedom in everything. We can say one-half of their lives they sleep, and the other part they wander through the streets. Even the cat has everything in the house, it still tries to leave the confines of its hab

Training Your Cat

Any cat is a creature with a thin organization and rich inner world. Reputable cat psychologists say that you have to treat a favorite very gently and delicately. Its impressionable nature is extremely vulnerable. To punish a cat that selflessly spoiled f

How to teach the cats to each other?

If you take a kitten, soon or late it will start to consider itself exclusive and therefore the most important cat in the apartment. If you take two kittens at once, the situation is quite different - the kittens begin to fight for the status of "chief ca

European Shorthair

Initially, this cat has appeared on the peasant farms, and was considered an ordinary domestic cat. They live and propagated there, bore blue, white, cream, red, tortoiseshell color cats. Cats of pure tone and without striped pattern. They are similar to