Reptile Articles

Reptiles' diseases

Reptile's health may depend on many factors. Healthy animals have not droughty skin of smooth and bright color. There are main factors affecting the well-being of domestic reptiles below:

Peculiarities of lizard keeping

Many people at their homes have a pet - a lizard. An important feature of this animal is a long tongue. Its size is twice larger than its head. With its help, the lizard easily orients in nature, seeks the prey, and ensures its survival. The color of each

Anaconda - the largest of the snakes

Anaconda, like a normal boa is a representative of the boa subfamily. It has a massive body and with its powerful contractions kills its prey. After eating a large animal, anaconda is able to live for a long time. Anaconda lives in tropical South America

Pet snakes

The number of exotic pets connoisseurs increases. snake lovers show up among them: those who already has a snake, and those who are going to get this amazing animal.

Recommendation to keep snakes

By nature, the snakes are loners. Unlike birds and mammals, they don't need to be with other animals. Therefore, the keeping of two or more reptiles in a terrarium (even of different sexes) isn’t desirable, due to several reasons.

Green Iguana

One of the most exotic pets is iguana. These terrarium animals have become popular relatively recently, but pretty quickly spread around the world. Iguanas live quite long, their life expectance is 15 years. However, keep in mind that taking care of igu

Amethystine python

The islands of New Guinea and the north of Australia is the home of the largest snake of this vast region - amethystine python (Liasis amethistinus). It’s one of the largest pythons in the world and it can grow up to 8 m long. However, amethystine p

How to choose a snake

If you decide to have a snake remember that some snakes are rare, endangered species and protected by law. Only zoos and herpetologists with the appropriate permissions can legally keep these snakes. This is also a necessary condition in the case of venom