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Breed Manx
United Kingdom (Isle of Man)
All but colorpoint

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Cat breeds

The ancestors of this cat is feral African cat that lived in Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia). In 1868, a British military expedition picked up and brought the cat from Africa to the European continent, particularly in England, where he began breeding wo

Scottish Fold Cat

History of breed scottish fold or Scottish Fold began in 1961 when William Ross found on one of the farms of Scottish Fold kittens. It is known that the cat, which gave rise to the young breed named Susie. She had a white color and also had a lop-eared. W

Japanese Bobtail Cat

As you know, earlier Japanese Bobtail was common in the Far East, and in the Land of the Rising Sun was in his time in China. In Japan, the breed was called "mi-ke". The Japanese themselves respected the cat and even worshiped it as a god. In ancient time

Cartesian cat (Chartreux)

Cartesian cat is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Chartreuse birthplace seems to be France. The origin of the breed refers to the XV-XVI centuries. Then the monks of the Carthusian Order brought to their city of Chartres first cats of light blue col

Caring for a Persian Cat

Persian cats - is not just derived prestigious representatives of the cat, but all the same now living creature that is not only good looks but also character, and especially long-haired, which will be discussed.

bengal house cats

Bengal cat is a hybrid of home and street Asian leopard cat. Despite its popularity , this breed is still one of the most rare in USA.