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Accustom the cat to the noisy events of interest

If you are the owner of a purebred kitten and want your cat to take part in cat shows, you need to teach your cat to behave with dignity.

Cat therapy - treatment that involves cats

This scientific discipline emerged relatively recently and, despite this, deserves close attention. Indeed, sometimes a cat may be a better physician than the usual doctor. Cats accumulate a large stock of healing power and can help its owner to cope with

California Spangled

This breed is relatively "young". Feline breeders began working on it in the 70s, XX century. Its "birth", California Spangled owes known screenwriter Paul Casey. In 1971, he was on a business trip in Oldoway (America). While talking to a famous doctor -

What are cats afraid of?

I think, every pet owner watched a situation where his/her cat began to behave disturbing because of appearance of some kind of noise or strange objects. Sometimes, the animal is even driven into a corner and does not get out of there until its stimuli ar

How long do cats live?

Many cat owners are interested in one question – “How long do cats live?”. Let us try to find the answer to this question. We proceed from the fact that, firstly, the cat is home; secondly, it is completely healthy and thirdly, the cat i

How does a cat mark a territory

Cats are territorial animals and jealous of their possessions. Normal picture, when cats are trying to find out their relations and fight for territory.