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3 make kittens
New Jersey, Elmwood Park, 07407
Pet Price: 500$
Hi, we have 3 male kittens, fluffy, playful and affectionate. The mother is pure Russian Blue and the father is half Maine Coon, half Russian Blue. Kittens were born June 24th, and they’re litter box...
fluffy russian blue/maine coon...
New Jersey, Elmwood Park, 07407
Pet Price: 700$
Kittens born June 24th, they are healthy, adorable fluffsters full of playful energy and very affectionate. Four males left, they are comfortable with young children, older cats, and dogs. They are...
russian blue kitten for sale
Colorado, Greeley, 80632
Pet Price: 450$
She has been health checked thoroughly by a qualified Vet at their Veterinary Practice and has been and are available for viewing. Fully Vaccinated with Healthcard certificate Microchipped 9 weeks...


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✅ How Much Does it Cost to Own a Cat? ✅

Owners can expect to shell out between $500 and $1,000 a year

✅ How Much Does Buying a Cat Cost? ✅

Purchasing a pet quality purebred kitten from a breeder usually costs between $400 and $1500

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