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Can You Feed a Guinea Pig?

As the loving and proud owner of a guinea pig, the goal is to always feed him what is healthiest for his needs, and not necessarily what you think may be delicious. Although milk may seem innocuous, it is very important to abstain from feeding your guinea

7 reasons for choosing a hamster as a pet

Buying a pet means long-term care of it, sometimes waste of time and money. Therefore, the purchase of a pet is often fit with caution. People who have no experience of keeping an animal are afraid of defeat at home: the inevitable deterioration of furnit

Accustoming pygmy rabbit to the toilet

Decorative rabbits today are no less popular than usual cats and dogs. Getting this unusual pet, people think that looking after it will be easy and simple. However, rabbits are not hamsters, which almost all their life spend in a comfortable cage. This a

7 pros and 7 cons of buying bald sphynx rat

Most of us, being in a pet store, want to buy a small, gentle creature called Sphynx rat, without knowing about the problems facing their cultivation and breeding. To do this, I'll open to you some aspects...

Angora rabbits

There are many opinions about the history of the Angora rabbit, however, according to the generally accepted theory, "angoras" refer to the beginning of the 18th century, more precisely to 1723. As the story goes, a tour of the sailors, arrived to the Tur

Guinea pigs care

This animal doesn't require special care. Guinea pigs are very peace-loving and playful. They love children and always engage. In love and care these pets can live for 5-15 years. So, let's look at the most basic rules of care for these pets.

Pygmy fancy rabbits. How to take care of them?

Pygmy fancy rabbits are increasingly chosen as pets. These affectionate and beautiful creatures are a joy to both adults and children. They’re very easy to bring up, unpretentious, intelligent and sociable. Rabbits live about 6 years, but if to take

Sphynx rat

All family members will like this wonder of nature. It’s completely hairless or there’s a little nap on the legs, stomach and head. It is bred by mutation. They don’t have whiskers and I they have they are short and lightly curled. The s

Why a bunny is the symbol of Easter?

In fact, Easter bunny has nothing common with the Easter. Nowadays, Easter Bunny is nothing but the tradition of some nations and has no relevance to the Resurrection of Jesus.


Ease of maintenance and simplicity in the care of guinea pigs were the primary reasons for their incredible popularity as a family pet.


Chinchilla - belongs to the genus of the family chinchilla rodents. There are only two types of chinchillas - is short-tailed and long-tailed chinchilla. Habitat is South America. This article will describe long-tailed chinchilla, which is precisely a pet

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs belong to the order "Rodents", which is one of the biggest in the world and they are also one of the few that are adapted to living in urban apartments. And if you have decided to have a pet, you can safely consider a guinea pig as one of the