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10 misperceptions and myths about cats

There are many misperceptions about cats, let’s discuss most frequent.

Domestic cats

What do we usually think about the word “cat”? Of course, it’s a small domestic animal. Cat family is much more extensive. Such species as lions, tigers, panthers and jaguars belong to this family.

5 main mistakes in cat’s tendance

Every cat’s owner wishes it all the best. Sometimes we think about that we do damage to them by our actions. How to lengthen healthy and happy life of your pet? So, what mistakes do the owners make?

Burmese cat

The ancestress of Burmese cat is the result of Siamese and unknown dark cat crossing. In 1930 this cat was brought from Burma, the US by Californian cat-breeder amateur. It was called VongMau. From its marriage with Siamese cat and then backcrossing and c

How to bathe a cat?

Everyone knows cats can't stand swimming, and they can't stand water. However, if the cat was washed from an early age, then surely it is accustomed to the water and will learn how to put up with this unpleasant necessity in its life.

Felinology is the study of cats

Zoology is the study of animals and there’s a separate and peculiar part of the study of unique animals – cats. This part is called felinology. This science studies anatomy, physiology, breeds, general principles of life, breeding and cat owne