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African Grey Parrot Breeding Tips

The beautiful African Grey Parrots are classified as one of the smartest types of birds around. If you have an African Grey Parrot of your own, then you can easily see why this is so. They have big personalities and have the potential to lead long and fruitful lives.

Proper diet for Gold Parrot Macaw

Comical, loving, and mischievous, blue and gold macaws are popular pets. These parrots are among the most affectionate and intelligent birds in the world, but keeping them healthy as pets takes an understanding of what they need to eat.


Canaries are certainly among the most popular ornamental poultry. Birdie is very taxing on that allows you to keep and successfully breed her to millions of people. Homeland canaries - forests Canary Islands and the north-west coast of Africa, a predomina

Oratory of parrots

Almost all parrots have the amazing and mysterious ability to mimic the sounds heard. They manage to reproduce with remarkable accuracy the human voice and pronounce words clearly. This undeniable talent show different species of parrots in different ways