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How to understand a cat?

When there is a kitten in the house, all attention is usually switched to it. The owners try to understand what the pet wants to say by its behavior. Of course, all cats, like people, have their own personality, its own character. At the same time, there

Canadian sphynx. Care peculiarities

For those who dream about an unusual appearance, an extremely sociable and extremely affectionate pet, the perfect will be Sphynx - a unique breed, whose history goes back to the times of the ancient Aztecs.

Buying a kitten

Each city has its own bird market where many animals are sold. It is quite possible to pick up a pet there. However, if you really need a purebred kitten, it is desirable to warn yourself from shopping at such places. There were many cases of forgery of p

Choose a Persian kitten

A brief psychological profile of the breed. Persian cats are friendly and balanced. They are very intelligent, sensitive and unobtrusive. However, their devotion is virtually no different from the dog's devotion. Therefore, buying a purebred Persian, the

Accustom the cat to the noisy events of interest

If you are the owner of a purebred kitten and want your cat to take part in cat shows, you need to teach your cat to behave with dignity.

Cat therapy - treatment that involves cats

This scientific discipline emerged relatively recently and, despite this, deserves close attention. Indeed, sometimes a cat may be a better physician than the usual doctor. Cats accumulate a large stock of healing power and can help its owner to cope with