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In our catalog you can find all the famous names of dog breeds with photos, videos, descriptions and FCI-standard.
Each breed has its own characteristics, which supports people. Dog breed specific produces offspring that transmits all of its features.
Today in the world there are more than 500 names of dog breeds. There are both very rare, with a small population and so very popular.
To simplify the search for a name of the dog that you need, we have combined the most popular breed of dog in the group.

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Latest Dog Articles

Ins and outs of dog's training in the family

There's a dog in the house. It's a big responsibility, because it's necessary not only to grow a healthy dog. We need a true and obedient friend who will give us unforgettable years of its life to the owner. It should be responsive and not aggressive to h

American Bulldog training

American Bulldog by nature is devotee and good-natured dog which is perfect pet in the family.These dogs are very intelligent, but they can also be stubborn and disobedient. This can lead to some problems in their upbringing. Knowing the features of the A

The first steps of a puppy at new home

Finally, there is a long-awaited puppy in the house. This may be a street dog or a dog of show class, which was purposefully and persistently was looked for. In any case - the puppy should get not only affection and care in the house. It needs to be prope

How to take care of dog's hair properly?

Despite the fact, there are different breeds of dogs, every dog in one way or another needs care. There are less problems with smooth-coated breeds (Great Danes, Boxers, Rottweilers, Dobermanns, and others). They can be cleaned every few days. If you have

Games with the dog

Games for the dog and its owner are not only good entertainment! It is also a great opportunity to establish a psychological contact with the pet and the most powerful tool of training. How to play with the dog rightly, so that it was not only pleasant bu

A leash and a collar

Collar and leash are an integral part of your dog's life from an early age, for the simple reason that they are useful in all aspects of life: during walks, education, training and in fights against bad habits of your pet. To accustom the puppy to the amm