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In our catalog you can find all the famous names of dog breeds with photos, videos, descriptions and FCI-standard.
Each breed has its own characteristics, which supports people. Dog breed specific produces offspring that transmits all of its features.
Today in the world there are more than 500 names of dog breeds. There are both very rare, with a small population and so very popular.
To simplify the search for a name of the dog that you need, we have combined the most popular breed of dog in the group.

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Latest Dog Articles

Dog's trimming

Grooming is hygienic care of pets necessary for any dog. Some dogs need bathing, combing, cleaning ears and eyes but others need more. Dogs of some breeds need haircut. It's because of hygienic and aesthetic requirements.

How to dress your four-legged friend in winter?

How to take care of your pet in cold days? It's known Siberian huskies sleep on the snow when it's 40 degrees frost. Those who sleep in houses and bask near radiators can catch cold when it's not very warm outside.

Dog’s paws and claws. How to treat?

The puppy will be a full-fledged dog if to take care of it and feed it right. Advices from professional dog handlers and vets, who pay attention to some of the nuances of how to properly take care of dog's claws and paws are also important.

How to take care of a dog?

Everyone knows responsible breeders take care of their pets. The first is to do all the necessary vaccinations. Thus you will protect your dog from many contagions.

How to learn to understand a dog

You have decided to get a dog or you already have a pet, but you can’t understand its desires. Although, dogs are sensitive to human words and actions. They remember words focusing on the tone with which they were said. Dogs are good observers, they

Psychology of dogs: don't allow your dog to bite.

Don't allow your dog to bite, as it can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Mostly, the owners aren't worried because of that their pets can sometimes grab their legs or a little scratch a hand with teeth, because it's nothing serious. Often people don'