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Siamese breed is distinct in active and playful behavior. Despite its aggressive and capricious nature, these cats are very sociable. They don’t like cats of other breeds. They love their own master and if you're a couch potato, you're lucky. It'll be for you not only the decoration of the house but also the loyal pet. They have an unusual character and appearance. Eastern origin of Siamese shows it belongs to a wild Bengal cat.

This little kitty has kept features of its breed, except broken tail in knots. One legend says they got the kinks of the tail because Siamese princesses while bathing hung their jewelry on cats' tails. In fact, such tail appeared due to frequent inbreeding, it became a sign of the degeneration of the breed. When in European society the tail was considered as defect, this has led to the prevention of fractures and then the tail of Siamese cats became, as expected smooth and straight. Siamese cats have slim muscular body. The head is wedge-shaped of medium size. Their ears are big enough and remind a triangle.

All Siamese cats have middle-sized almond-shaped eyes. Their blue eyes truly can be called light up and starry. Also they have unusual position of paws. Fore feet are often shorter than hind feet and have small oval shape. The tail is long and thin.

Siamese cats have beautiful shiny hair and multicolored color. On the face, ears, legs and tail they have points. But the hallmark of the breed is the point on the face. Siamese are born white with rosy pads and rosy noses. They darken with age. After seven or nine months their color is set.

Despite independence and good hunting qualities, Siamese has stubborn character. Hot temper of these cats doesn't make them the best and sometimes they're dangerous for its master. It's only preconception. They love people and are very attached to them. They can't stand when they are forcedly grabbed and snuggled. For nice care and affection this cat can be sincere and have tender feelings. Therefore, you need to explain in advance the members of your family (especially children), how they have to treat such a cat. Siamese will not suffer if you pull and twitch them. They can owe somebody a grudge. And then you can't avoid bites and scratches from pet.

Siamese feels good without a master some time. It is independent, but always wants to be in the highlight. That's why you often need to talk to her, play with her, give her delicious food, and show your good attitude.

They have inexhaustible energy, ready to play for hours. You'll have to be patient to educate this capricious breed. You have to remember the fact that it won't forgive you if you punished it but she didn't deserve it. But if you educate it well, you'll become the owner of a smart and loyal cat, which is always interesting to spend free time with.

It is worth to say the cats of this breed don't need special care. They have short hair. Therefore, it is better not to brush but just stroke them. Wet your hands with water and stroke them from the head. Thus, you can help your cat to look great.

Water treatment is necessary for cats. It also needs to bathe, brush its teeth and ears. The best way to teach for these procedures from its childhood. In such a way your cat will get used to it and won't resist it. However, special attention should be paid to the teeth of your cat. They require head to toe care. Since this breed is more likely to have problems with that.

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