Food to feed dog

Best foods for Dogs

Mоst dog owners, who love theіr pets, honestly believe that the food they feed their dogs is healthy and nourіshіng. If you are one of those people, you are in for a bіg surprіse. Most commercial dog food іs hazardous to your dog's health!

How choose diet for siberian husky? Useful recommendations.

This article would be useful for huskies owners, or those who thinking about bought of small puppy. Huskies are known for being very active animals, so it’s important that they have the right amount of calories to keep up with their lifestyle. They need

What food dog cannot eat

Does your pet look at you with hypnotic eyes and implore for a peace of food you have just started to eat?. For your dog such breakfast may not be harm

Products are harmful to dogs

Dogs love to eat, especially if it's food from the master's table. Unfortunately, human and canine physiology of digestion are not the same, and some of the products that we can use without problems, potentially very dangerous for dogs. Even the cat food

The diet of the German Shepherd

It is often compared to other breeds can be seen as a German shepherd on the street, and when you watch movies, news, various competitions or criminal transmission. This breed of dog has a unique intelligence, loyalty, obedience, it can be called universa

How to feed the dog?

The dog was always cheerful and healthy, it must eat right. To do this, the owner must comply with a certain set of rules of feeding your pet. Such rules exist quite a lot, the basic rule is that the dog should eat balanced. Her diet should contain all th

Ration of puppy

Thus, he at home. His place is ready, purchased toys, chosen bowl, collar... And here a kid sniffed around his small bed already, uncertainly looked around, and left independently to master territory. Very soon will a walk grow into the searches of meal,

The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Puppy: A Complete Diet Plan

The diet of puppy Consequently, it houses. His place was ready, purchased toys, chosen bowl, collar ... And that baby is already sniffed his crib, tentatively looked around and went to independently develop the territory. It soon becomes a walk in search

The need for food for the dog's life

Proper nutrition for dogs - this is not just important, it is very important. Because of how well you get to your pet's diet depends on his continued good health and proper development.