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If you look for a breed of cats that will ruin your refrigerator, run all over the house and swing on the chandelier - British Shorthair isn't for you. These cats are quiet, steady and easy to keep. As soon as they get rid of their shyness, they become faithful companions. British shorthair cats are usually loyal to all family members, they don't choose a "favorite". This breed of cats is usually gentle and sweet, but it isn't clingy, inclined to independence, and if don't impose your care they will easily adapt to the new environment.

As the American Shorthair breed British Shorthair is known for its good health and vivacity. It's a stocky cat with a compact and powerful oval face and head. Its thick, short and tough hair is very important at British Shorthair show cats. Hair is hard by feel but when you squeeze it with hands it feels like warm velvet is compressed. Although its hair is short it requires regular care. Blue is the most popular among British Shorthair, but this breed is of other colors too.

British Shorthair is a native of the United Kingdom. Progenitors of British Shorthair were probably the oldest local residents of Britain, living in natural conditions - street cats were called European Shorthair earlier. About two thousand years ago, they were brought by the Romans in northern Europe for rodents control, and then got on the island of Britain. European Shorthair did well on the streets, alleys and backyards of the UK.

At the end of the 19th century an important role in the fate of the breed played Harrison Weir. Thanks to his efforts British Shorthair became officially recognized and was presented at the first cat show in England, at the Crystal Palace in London, and has become a very popular breed of cats. Later, fans betrayed them and became big sticklers of the exotic long-haired breeds, and British Shorthair lost its popularity. Nevertheless, this breed has survived the Second World War and has not disappeared, like many other European breeds of cats.

After the war, the breeders have been allowed to cross British Shorthair cats with other breeds to maintain the gene pool. The result is a modern breed of British Shorthair - a strong mini-bear with a full round face and calm temper.

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