Species of wild cats

African golden cat This is a slender cat with long legs. It’s twice the size of a domestic cat. It lives in the jungles of equatorial Africa. It leads ground mode of life. Hair is brown and golden. There are two types of wild African cats: the western and coastal cat. The Andean cat It's one of very rare and little known species. It lives in the Andes at an altitude of about 3000 m above sea level. The body length is about 70 cm. Thick hair allows it to survive in cold mountain climate. Its hair is usually light grey. The Andean cat hunts rodents, including chinchillas. The Kodkod It is the smallest of all wild cats in America. It lives in the forests of Patagonia and Chile, that’s why it’s also called Chilean. Brown hair with black spots. Strong legs with large and strong claws are well adapted to climb trees. These cats lead nocturnal life. Geoffrey's Cat The species is named in honor of Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, a naturalist who traveled America. It lives in the forests of South America, as well as in Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Body length can be up to 1 m. It has yellow hair with black spots. The cat can catch fish and swims well. Cats lead nocturnal life. Red cat from the island of Borneo. Almost unstudied species that lives in the jungles of Borneo island in Indonesia. It looks like Asian wildcat. Color of hair is brown. Although this cat is small, it attacks monkeys too. The rusty spotted cat Brown cat spends most of his life in the trees. It lives in India. The length of its body is a little more than half a meter. Ears are small, muzzle is round. The rusty spotted cats lead nocturnal life, eat small rodents and birds.