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Maine Coon is the biggest breed among pets. This amazing breed captured million of hearts. Because of this he gained huge popularity. After all, it combines grace, gentle nature and strength.

History of breed

Maine Coon was bred relatively recently, just 150 years ago.
The breed is a real national pride of North America. These cats lived on this cold and harsh continent. They have learned to adapt to frost thanks to its shape, strong and large paws.
There are many legends about the appearance of this breed. One legend says that the Maine Coon appeared thanks to crossing cat and raccoon. Thus, he became the owner of a lush and a striped tail. There is another legend that says the breed is originated from crossing of a wild cat and a lynx. Therefore, these cats have tufts on the ears.
All of these are made-up legends and assumptions that have reached our time. There is an accurate and scientifically proven fact of the origin of Maine Coon. Science says the population and harsh nature of the North America affected the cats. In these specific conditions, they got all abilities to survive.


The breed has a very high level of intelligence. This is not surprising. After all, they are very intelligent, smart, logical in their actions, consistent. In addition, they have a good memory. They easy memorize gestures, the owner's speech, follow commands. These cats are compared to dogs! They are the real thinkers who consciously commit certain actions. Unlike other breeds, cat males are actively involved in the education of their offspring! This behavior is quite unusual for the rest of the animals. It's amazing.
Maine Coon have many positive traits of character. They are quite peaceful and tidy. These are not the cats, which would turn the pots, bother, go to unnecessary and forbidden places. They do not climb cupboards and shelves. This is all due to the fact they hate the limited space, and their size simply does not allow them to do such things. Also, they're very obedient and quickly accustomed, are able to differ their own and others' things. They adapt fairly short period of time. They get used to their master, studying his habits.
This breed need constant exercise and movement to keep fit. They have an incredibly high level of total activity, which isn't less even with age! They need space for games. They're comfortable with the street walks. That is why many think about the question: Was their favorite a dog in a previous life?
At pet store you can buy the remote machine. Cats are very fond of such things. They feel as a hunter.
This breed of cat requires regular care. Comb its hair once a week, wash them using special shampoos. Maine Coons are not afraid of water and similar care, quite the contrary. They love to keep their purity. In addition, it is necessary to trim its claws as they grow fast enough.
They can eat boiled chicken, turkey, veal, beef and by-products. It is not necessary to chop food into small pieces. You can also give peeled shrimps, yogurt, boiled fish, curd and quail eggs. Lamb, pork, bones, raw fish and whole milk are forbidden.

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