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Cats: Life on the street and at home

When a person gets a cat, he should immediately determine the area of ​​its freedom. Will she walk on the street or always be in the apartment? It would seem the question isn't so important, but in fact it's necessary to think it over. Cat's health, life,

Cat treats: Truth or Myth?

Purrers help to harden bones and quickly repair wounds and such a conclusion was made by scientists from North Carolina. Scientists from the Institute studied cat's sounds. There's a hypothesis purring is similar to ultrasound, which helps to cure. Profes

Food for your senior cat

Diet for old and healthy pet should be at the highest level. When the cat becomes old, not only its appearance changes but also its behavior.

Accustoming the cat to the toilet

Every pet owner is proud of how quickly his pet learned to go into the litter. Try to teach your tailed friend to go straight on the human toilet!

Cat breed Egyptian Mau

The home of Egyptian Mau is Egypt. In Arabic "Mau" means a cat. Images of these beauties are found in ancient Egyptian pictures (aged more than thirty centuries) where they represent the gods of Bast and the god of the sun Ra. During the time of the Phara

Comfortable journey of a cat

If you want to take your pet in a journey, you should worry about it is comfortable and not scared. What methods of transportation are suitable for cats? Carrying an animal in your arms. Even the sweetest and the kindest cat turns into a fury if it feels