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Sphynxes – almost hairless cats

Sphynx is one of the newest breeds of cats. Representatives of the breed are known for almost hairless body. According to legends, at the end of the XIX century hairless cats existed in Mexico, and hair grew only in winter, now apparently they are already

BRITISH CATS. Aristocrat at home

More recently, the presence of the British cat you talked about your high material and social status. British Shorthair cats, also called business. Now, this breed has become available to the majority. What features of these visitors from Britain?

7 most frequent questions about cats

What time is the best to take a kitten away from its mum? The kitten has to be one month old and more.

Most popular breed of cats in Europe

Not all cat lovers know that several years ago a new breed of cat appeared in Europe that has several advantages among other breeds. It is a Devon Rex. We can’t even call it a cat because it has habits of a dog. Short, soft and curly hair along its

Amazing facts about cats

Cats - an amazing creation. It has always been a cat in the house - it's a success.

A few advices how to take care of a kitten

Aye, aye! Don’t be surprised! No matter what they say a kitten needs education too, not only wives and children. Your favorite fluffy ball of happiness has its own character and habits even if they’re called instincts and reflexes. You’l