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Top 10 Legal Exotic Animals in Hawaii

Hawaii is the only state in the nation that has completely eradicated rabies. Not even bats living in Hawaii have rabies! To protect the animals already in Hawaii, the state issues strict protocols in place that require pets to be fully vaccinated against the disease.

Top 10 Legal Exotic Animals in Florida 

Remember that any animal you bring under your care, whether a dog or a bat, is a big commitment. But owning exotic animals in Florida can be a rewarding experience for many. With any luck, you might just find the animal you're looking for!

Top 10 Legal Exotic Animals in New York State

There are many exotic animals in the world, but certainly, not all are able to be kept in captivity or as pets. Surprisingly, quite a few exotic animals are considered legal to own in New York State.

Top 10 Legal Exotic Animals in California

Exotic animals are growing more popular by the day, and many people are interested in keeping these animals either as pets or livestock, or both! In California, there are several legal exotic animals that people can own.

Top 10 Legal Exotic Animals in Texas

Many animal lovers dream of owning an exotic pet, but it is important to know that exotic pet ownership is a big responsibility and commitment. In the state of Texas, several different types of exotic animals are legal to own