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What games can you play with domestic cats?

If you have a male cat or a female cat at home, you need to play with them, to provide them with conditions for an interesting pastime. Even an old cat, who by virtue of age does not want to move, drowsy in the heat, will not refuse to play. In owner's co

Maine Coon care

The main difference between this breed from the others is that these cat are the largest cats in the world (meaning domestic breed). Nobility, strength and paradoxically combined with grace and gentleness are inherent for these cats. The tufts on the ears

Kitten’s care and preventive measures

Grooming and sleep are one of the main activities of a kitten. Two weeks after its birth, the kitten is already beginning to comprehend the ritual of washing up. It wets with its rough tongue fore legs and with a "sponge" cleans its body, reaching even to

Allergy to cats - what to do?

Everyone knows that cats, these cute furry animals that give the house warmth and comfort, can be a source of real misery. Allergy to cat's hair is considered one of the most common allergic diseases.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is a beautifully proportioned, graceful, majestic, arrogant and wayward cat. The representatives of this ancient and versatile breed have such a description. This breed has a small head, a narrow snout, silky translucent hair, large almond-

Menu for cats: the pros and cons of prepared feeds

Everyone in his life can adopt a pet at least one time: this is a connection with nature, so necessary for people, even in cities. Have you chosen the cat to communicate with? Perfectly. What to feed with? Conventional wisdom says that the food you eat is