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United Kingdom (England)

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Feeding cats

Everyone knows that the domestic cat is a predator. The ancestors of the domestic cats ate birds, small rodents, caught fish, snakes, and lizards. Accordingly, each owner of such cats has to choose a diet, which fully replaces them mice, snakes and lizard

Kurilian Bobtail

Kuril Bobtail is an elegant cat, which has a square body format; its croup is slightly raised back and reminds the body of lynx. Funny tail with the length of 5-14 cm is like a pompom and covered with long and thick hair. Cat's color can be diverse, in ad

Superstitions related to a cat

In every world nation, there are plenty of superstitions, associated with a cat. Strange, but they are always sad, ill-boding, though a cat is a tender and loving animal. - If the cat licks itself, wait for guests. It beckons them... Find out what guest

Unusual sphinx cats. Description of the breed and care

According to legend, these amazing creatures, namely the so-called sphinxes, have their origin far from the days of antiquity. It is interesting that the ancient Aztecs bred the cats of this breed. An elongated body, the lack of a mustache and a large wed

If you have decided to get a kitten

Have you decided to get a little cat. Here are a few tips that will help you to grow the animal, and it will feel well in the neighborhood with the person. The kitten is taken away from the mother not earlier than after eight weeks of age. However, t

Nibelung. Cat - mystery

Nibelung is a relatively new breed of cat. Officially, it was recognized in 1984. Physically, the Nibelung cats appeared half a century earlier because of random mutations of Russian blue cat breed. From the progenitor breed, Nibelung cats differ prima