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Cartesian cat (Chartreux)

Cartesian cat is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Chartreuse birthplace seems to be France. The origin of the breed refers to the XV-XVI centuries. Then the monks of the Carthusian Order brought to their city of Chartres first cats of light blue col

Caring for a Persian Cat

Persian cats - is not just derived prestigious representatives of the cat, but all the same now living creature that is not only good looks but also character, and especially long-haired, which will be discussed.

bengal house cats

Bengal cat is a hybrid of home and street Asian leopard cat. Despite its popularity , this breed is still one of the most rare in USA.

What do we know about the sphinxes?

Sphinx - is not only an architectural structure in Egypt, but also breed cats. They are very different from normal cats at least that they do not have fur or have, but only a little and not long. At the touch reminiscent of human skin or suede. Very high

Care for cat’s teeth

Contrary to popular belief, the teeth of our pets deserve the same care as humans'. It's in the wild when animals are in harmony with the environment, teeth serve them faithfully for a very long time. The animals living with people lose the ability to tak

How to feed a cat, ready to feed or organic foods?

Among the pet cats are among the most popular. In their favor is the small size and relative simplicity. The cat does not require daily exercise and not so bored alone like a dog. To care for these animals is not difficult, but you still want to know some