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You can find all popular cat breeds with photos, videos and description in our catalogue. Each breed has its own peculiarities which people like.
Nowadays, there are more than 45 cat breeds in the world. They are both little known and very popular breeds of cats.
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The history of the domestic cat

Throughout history, the cat has been subject to several ups and downs in the popularity stakes.

The evolution of the domestic cat

All cats are descended from their larger, wild relations and soma of this heritage can still be seen in the modern domestic cat, whether pedigree or moggie.

Cat behaviour

Much of the behaviour that the modern domestic cat displays directly relates to its wild origins. This is not always socially acceptable, but cats are very territorial and much of what they do reflects their need to stake out territory, especially if th

Scottish Fold cat: funny individuals

Scottish Fold cats delight at first sight: small, folded forward and down, ears, and big round eyes. And yet known unusual plasticity of the body: the ability to sit and lie in unusual poses for cats. Only representatives of this breed can fall to the bac

Cat breeds - European Shorthair

European Shorthair cat is a direct descendant of severe and cold cats from ancient settlements of Europe. Modern representatives of European short-hair breed is the offspring of British and American breeders, but they still have hard and imperious temper

Some facts about cats

For cats' and people's emotions responds the same areas of brain. Cat's heart beats twice as fast as the human (from 110 to 140 beats per minute). Cats inhale and exhale 20-40 times per minute.