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20 Incredible and Fun Facts for Cat Lovers

Did you know that cats can make over 100 different sounds? Learn more interesting and fun facts about cats in this article.

The Life Cycle of Cats (Stages of Development)

A cat's life cycle is a series of stages that the cat goes through as it grows and develops. In the early stages of life, a kitten is born with closed eyes and ears folded back.

Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds 2022

Many of our companion cats are considered mixed breeds or sometimes classified as either domestic shorthairs or domestic longhairs. Here we will discuss which of these pedigreed cats made it into the top ten list of most popular cats in 2022.

Cat Breeders: Choosing the Best Kitten for An Apartment

Are you going to be home much? If yes, you'd be okay to get a kitten that craves human attention, but if not, you may want to consider a more independent breed. But not to worry, we'll cover a few of the different breeds that make some of the best kittens for apartments.

Finding a Responsible Cat Breeder

Finding responsible cat breeders can be a daunting task, as there are many breeders out there who are more interested in making a profit than in the welfare of their animals. It's important to do your research and find a breeder who is committed to breeding healthy.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Cat Breeder

So, how do you go about finding a cat breeder that checks all the boxes of being a good breeder? No worries, we’ve got you covered! We have taken the liberty of doing the research and putting together a list of 10 tips to help you choose the right cat breeder.

Top 9 Cats That are Most Hypoallergenic

In a world full of allergy causing particles, it can be difficult to determine what you should steer clear of, especially in the cat arena. The term hypoallergenic has been thrown around many times in the world.

10 Ways to Deal With An Aggressive Cat

Cat training can sometimes be difficult if you don't have the patience required to understand your feline. For some, dogs are easier to train while there are other people who would attest to the intelligence, and therefore easier training, of cats.

Top 10 Most Witty Cats |

Cats are good at figuring things out for themselves, especially the cats on this list of the smartest cat breeds in the world. They are naturally curious, great explorers, and good at making a toy out of anything. It’s not unusual for a cat to have more f

Does your cat loves you? 10 Signs of love in this article!

Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you? Cats express love for their owners in a number of ways. While some of these may be a bit obvious, other tokens of their affection have some hidden meaning behind them and you may have overlooked them not even

How to train your cat not to poop on the floor?

Pooping Outside the Litter Box Your cat may diligently urinate in the box but what do you do if she decides she’d rather leave her solid deposits somewhere else? It can be very confusing for a cat parent when the cat faithfully uses the box for one funct

Most Common Cat Diseases. How to avoid?

Cats are prone to a handful of specific illnesses, all with distinctive symptoms. Knowing what ails them and why will help you determine the right treatment to get them healthy again. Preventing problems, from viruses to worms, will keep your cat from bei