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BRITISH CATS. Aristocrat at home

More recently, the presence of the British cat you talked about your high material and social status. British Shorthair cats, also called business. Now, this breed has become available to the majority. What features of these visitors from Britain?

Singapore - the smallest cat in the world

Species native to Southeast Asian countries of Singapore. In their homeland such a cat called "sewer" because of her itinerant lifestyle. In 1975, Tommy Mead delivered a few he liked Singapore cats in the United States of America. It was Tommy and his wif

The most expensive cat breed

Man domesticated cats many years ago. Their friendship is worth a lot, as well, and the cats themselves too highly valued today. Among the elite breeds are two of the most expensive member of the family cat - it's Usher and shroud.

Amazing cats

Ovulation occurs when a cat mating, a biological feature can not boast of any other animal. The scientists say that to fertilize one egg one sperm is required more than a million sperm. A number of eggs varies between 3-7 pieces, but this is not a strict