Cat's planet

The variety of cultures on our planet is so great that to study them is not enough for a lifetime. Depending on the mentality, a lot is changing, including the attitude to our younger brothers. For example, on motherland, the Siamese cats are so valuable that during the coronation, they are carried in the carriage in front of the whole procession. However, in France, such a piety you will not find. Little kittens will be euthanized if they are not sold during the month. However, this makes possible not to increase the already huge number of stray animals in this country. Although, the undisputed leaders on the number of cats are the United States and Australia. In Australia, almost every resident has a favorite whiskered. In America, there are about four million tailed pets. A large number of cats live in Indonesia. However, it is almost impossible to meet them in Peru and Gabon. Israeli legend about the appearance of cats on earth is very interesting. According to the biblical tales, Noah built an ark to save his family and animals. However, he did not know how to preserve food reserves from the ubiquitous mice. Then he turned to the Lord in prayer. In answer to the prayer of Noah, God made a lion to sneeze, and as a result, there was a cat. There is a temple of cats in Japan. It was built in Kagoshima City in honor of the seven brave pets of adventurous military chief of the seventeenth century. He took cats on a trip to determine the time of day by their convergent-divergent pupils of the eyes. In Germany, one of the fans of feline pride opened a museum. Under its roof, there are more than three thousand exhibits. Therefore, it became not only the first but also the largest museum of cats. In Belgium, there is a whole festival dedicated to cats. It is very cheerful and noisy carnival of cats in boots. In Vietnam, in the menu of some restaurants you can find a dish called "Little Tiger". Moreover, it will not be nothing but a skillfully cooked cat. However, passion for such delights resulted the uncontrolled growth of the number of mice in the country. Therefore, one of the restaurant chains that offered its visitors such dishes, had to close. Nevertheless, on the Fragost island in the Indian Ocean this is impossible for the reason that there are no people on it, but there are only cats, population of which today reaches more than one thousand. These cats appeared on this island due to a shipwreck. The sailors died, but their fluffy pets survived and settled down, eating what they catch in the sea.