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Everything You Need to Know About the German Shepherd Breed

German shepherd is a popular and well-known breed of dog that was used for herding and working as an office assistant in the investigative activities. The breed was released after the selection of works by crossing different dogs from Germany (southern an

How to choose a dog for the city?

The friendship between a man and a dog has been going on for thousands of years, as long as the first man tamed this wonderful animal. Today, there are more than three hundred and thirty breeds officially registered and the number is growing rapidly every

Irish terrier: everything you wanted to know about the breed

Everyone knows: the dog is man's best friend. The one of such best friends is an Irish terrier, a dog of medium size, often with red hair. History In total, four terrier breeds - hence the name "Irish", were bred in Ireland. These dogs are very differ

French bulldog puppy: keeping rules and terms

French bulldog puppy is a cute and funny creature. Your children will love it and make friends with it. The main is to follow a few important rules in the house where it lives, and then everyone will be happy.