Entertainment for a fluffy pet

As you know, cats are great hedonists, for example, life is a source of pleasure and joy for them. All their activity is subject to obtaining pleasure. Cat delights food, rests blissfully, enjoys the game. Being in nature, the animal can do anything. A wasp flew and sat on the flower - nice to meet you. There is a frog - someone new and incomprehensible. Even a detached leaf or a blade of grass waving attracts the attention of these felines. Another matter if the cat lives in a city apartment. For the harmonious development and maintenance of the instincts of a predator. In this case, careful owner finds replacement sources of natural interest of the favorite. Of course, they are toys. Yes, ordinary toys for cats. They can be purchased at a pet store or make your own. However, we must remember that toys must develop certain skills of the animal, for example, to maintain the natural instinct of a hunter. Own toys will allow your pet to distract from the damage of furniture and household items. The simplest thing is an ordinary candy wrapper or a piece of paper attached to the ribbon. The owner teases the pet, attracts its attention, and when it tries to attack, rapidly removes the toy. Cats love to play with these things. From fairy tales we know more that the favorite pastime of these lovely predators is a game with a ball. To attract attention of your pet, you can use a small plastic container filled with grains or small pebbles (for example, the packaging of kinder surprise). The sound emitted by such a trifle always interests the cat and will involve an interesting game. Unpleasant surprise for the host can be natural animal instincts. As you know, cats are predators and attack their prey. Often the "trophy" of these animals are the hands and feet of their owners. Tucking away around the corner, the cat suddenly rushes on a moving master, and we are fully able to enjoy all the "charms" of the claws and teeth of our pets. Therefore, it is best to make or buy soft "cover", which can protect your hands and feet. You can purchase fun furry friend in the store, but it is often worth a lot of money and does not always benefit for the cat. The selection of such products is diverse - there are toys with a variety of effects: light, noise, and so on. However, be aware that these things can scare the cat with Bings and shines. The material the proposed store products are made of are not always safe for the animal. It is not recommended to buy toys of foam Such fun can harm your fluffy friend. Also, consider the size of the item being purchased. Small ones will always disappear, rolling under the furniture, and you will have to constantly replenish the supply of "cat games".