dog training

Tips on Living Peacefully With Your New Dog

Assume your new dog is not housetrained and work from there. Read over the housetraining information given to you at the time of adoption and check out our housetraining tips for adult dogs. Be consistent, and maintain a routine. A little extra effort on

Dog Training Tips

Your dog will be happy because it wants to please you, and because it wants to reap the rewards of good behavior. You will be happier because your dog will be more manageable and will enrich your life. And visitors will be happy not to have to endure a po

Everything You Need to Know About the German Shepherd Breed

German shepherd is a popular and well-known breed of dog that was used for herding and working as an office assistant in the investigative activities. The breed was released after the selection of works by crossing different dogs from Germany (southern an

Rules for training a puppy

Raising a puppy is a big responsibility and large work. If a person has decided not just to get a dog, but to raise it, then it is worthy of all praise and respect. Before you start to educate your puppy, you need to read the necessary literature, to comm