Most Popular Dog Breeds in California

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are about 69 million households in America that own a dog. Of these households, nearly 40% of Californians make up the statistics of families owning at least one dog.

How To Care For Your Dog’s Organs

Like humans, dogs can suffer from a variety of health problems ranging from intestinal parasites, skin disease and ear infections, eye problems, digestive upset, and dental disease. Knowing a little bit about your dog’s organs and how they function can he

Pet Insurance for your Dog or Cat

Pet insurance is basically a policy purchased by the owner of a pet that will lessen the overall costs if expensive medical bills are incurred by that pet.

Dog Breeds

Dog breeds are dogs that have relatively uniform physical characteristics developed under controlled conditions by humans, with breeding animals selected for phenotypic traits such as size, coat color, structure, and behavior.

Tips on Living Peacefully With Your New Dog

Assume your new dog is not housetrained and work from there. Read over the housetraining information given to you at the time of adoption and check out our housetraining tips for adult dogs. Be consistent, and maintain a routine. A little extra effort on

Dog Care Tips

Few things in life are more fun and rewarding than bringing a dog into your family. Your dog will offer your family years of love and loyalty — as long as you provide him with food, shelter, responsible care, and love in return.

Dog Training Tips

Your dog will be happy because it wants to please you, and because it wants to reap the rewards of good behavior. You will be happier because your dog will be more manageable and will enrich your life. And visitors will be happy not to have to endure a po

Tips on Choosing a Dog

There are over 400 different dog breeds worldwide, originally fine-tuned by people to perform a specific function in society. Before our grand technological age, long before the industrial revolution, all around the globe we tailored a dog’s instincts to

How choose diet for siberian husky? Useful recommendations.

This article would be useful for huskies owners, or those who thinking about bought of small puppy. Huskies are known for being very active animals, so it’s important that they have the right amount of calories to keep up with their lifestyle. They need

Wonder dog

For residents of the Afghanistan, Afghan hound is a symbol of independence, courage and invincibility. According to some records, these dogs were forbidden to be exported from Afghanistan for a long time. Afghan dogs were valuable gift for respected peopl

Is it worth to get a dog?

Many people think about it. Perhaps, there is you in their number. If you have a desire to have a four-legged friend, then read this article, it will help you. We will not say that dog is a loyal and devoted friend, but it is true. On the contrary, let u

A puppy: how to choose

Keep in mind a puppy requires greater attention: at an early age, the necessary attitude to the owner lays. Every breed hardly tolerate loneliness, so you should think very carefully.

How to Examine the dog every day?

Inspection of the dogs is conveniently combined with brushing and combing its hair, especially longhaired breeds that require regular grooming. First, carefully examine the legs on the subject of whether the nails did not grow. The thorns of plants may st

Rules for training a puppy

Raising a puppy is a big responsibility and large work. If a person has decided not just to get a dog, but to raise it, then it is worthy of all praise and respect. Before you start to educate your puppy, you need to read the necessary literature, to comm

How to choose a dog for the city?

The friendship between a man and a dog has been going on for thousands of years, as long as the first man tamed this wonderful animal. Today, there are more than three hundred and thirty breeds officially registered and the number is growing rapidly every

Irish terrier: everything you wanted to know about the breed

Everyone knows: the dog is man's best friend. The one of such best friends is an Irish terrier, a dog of medium size, often with red hair. History In total, four terrier breeds - hence the name "Irish", were bred in Ireland. These dogs are very differ

Designer dogs

If you love everything unusual, then a cocktail of dog breeds is exactly for you. If the dogs are purebred, it is almost possible to predict what will be the offspring. However, what happens if to cross breeds, and even more, not similar to each other, we

French bulldog puppy: keeping rules and terms

French bulldog puppy is a cute and funny creature. Your children will love it and make friends with it. The main is to follow a few important rules in the house where it lives, and then everyone will be happy.