Munchkin cat breed

The Germans began to call their cat and kangaroo because these cats love to look around getting on its hind legs, tail between them is the support for balance. When they stand on their hind legs front legs dangle funny and it's very similar to a kangaroo. I have these decorative cat, not very fastidious, make friends with all the pets, do not be afraid of new people, love to play with children, and generally very lovely creation. And the cat's in a street brawl for himself a cat can. Munchkins come in a variety of colors, as we say, for every taste. Would also like to warn in advance in any case do not cross each other munchkins, this leads to bad consequences, kittens are born with deformities or are stillborn. I own a Munchkin kitten may be born with a quite normal leg length, these cats are called straygami. They Munchkin recessive gene for further breeding, they are not suitable, although they are by nature very similar to the short-legged munchkins. I would also like to tell about the diseases these cats, because of the unusual set of genes being followed feline diseases, the most common of which lordosis. This disease causes a weakening of the muscles of vertebrates, from the spine flexes much inside, sitting down on the chest and pressing on it. This pressure effect on internal organs, especially the heart and lungs are affected. If the disease is pronounced unfortunately kitten is unlikely to survive for more than 10 weeks. So after the birth of a kitten advise to consult with an experienced veterinarian in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Now, about the care of these cats, from personal experience I can say that they do not require that any special care. Try to comb your cat several times a week to remove excess hair (personally, I comb my Barsika often). Drive on a scheduled scan to the vet. Do not feed your cat that you eat constantly to her stomach that food is not fit, can be got fleas, and other digestive problems. Choose the best food for your cat watch out her health. And most importantly love your pet, pet care and always feels meets the same luck.