The most expensive cat breed

Today expensive cat breeds often sell at shows. And the highest price was recorded in 2010, when the United States was sold to Ashera. Ashera - a hybrid of Asian leopard cat and the serval. Color adults like leopard skin. Only basic "background" represented the color of caramel. The spots are characterized by the same orange paint. Ashera's a lot more other domestic cats. Adults weigh 8-15 pounds. But her character docile and obedient. These pets love children. And so easy to take root in families where there kids. But their weight and strength are dangerous for those who get angry cats. Although animal lovers and professional breeders this trait of character is not scary. Ashera as an elite,the most expensive breed of cat is sold in 15 - 100 thousand dollars. Do not yield to her cost and savanna. This hybrid breed of cats is estimated at 50 - 80 thousand dollars. These animals are characterized by smooth hair and leopard color. They are very mobile and loves to play. Cats are sold in single units, so the costs are so high. This is a peace-loving and very cute animals, they are easy to teach to order and house trained. And because the exhibitions they receive top honors. Thus, expensive and elite cats in the world is very small. They have only a true animal lovers. So pets need special care. The home team they only purchase expensive natural food. They select clothes from top stylists and designers. This explains the fact that the sale of kittens for such a fabulous price.