Singapore - the smallest cat in the world

In 1984, Singapore's cat has been recognized as an independent breed, but the chance to meet her at shows are still very low. This is due to the small number of breeders distributing this breed. In addition, the Singapore government has banned the export of these cats out of the country, considering them as a national treasure. All this makes the rock one of the rarest of the world. Price per specimen varies from 700 to 4,000. Singapore cats are distinguished by their small size compared to other breeds. And in the "Guinness Book of Records" appear on the smallest cats in the world. Their weight does not exceed 2.3 kg. The body is light, graceful. The legs and tail of medium length. The neck is relatively short. The head is round with a strongly pronounced whisker pads. The ears are large, rounded and wide. The eyes are large, wide open, rounded. Eye color deep green. The coat is short soft, thin, soft and silky. Coloring light gray, breast and abdomen lighter. However Singapore local cats can be different colors. The cat does not require special care. You only need to regularly inspect the eyes and ears, and comb out hair. The main thing for it - to feel needed and loved. But do not forget that Singapore is very sensitive to cold and can therefore quickly get cold. Have a good appetite, but preference is given to the marine food. Singapore - very lively and energetic cat. Quickly finds a common language with children. It is not aggressive, flexible and sociable. Very playful. Sometimes one gets the impression that she can frolic forever. He likes to follow his master to move back. Cats are very inquisitive, she always wonder what's going on. Easily accustomed to the tray. Among other cat breeds Singapore is also an excellent mother. Easily open to other people's orphaned kittens. To date, the U.S. Singaporean cat is very different from their ancestors. Her fur was light, and the muzzle is rounded. However, kept a charming look and restlessness.