Prepare cats to the show: grooming

If you are preparing your pet for the show for the first time, it will not be superfluous to explain what grooming is. All activities aimed at caring for the body surface of the animal, i.e. bathing, licking hair, washing, combing, shearing are called grooming. Prepare your pet Show grooming of a cat much depends on its breed. If you have a longhair beauty, it is washed and styled to enhance the beauty of silky hair. However, shorthair breeds such as the Scottish and British, on the eve of the show cannot be washed. These breeds have a density hair criterion and bathing will make it softer. Cat's hair will restore plush density if you wash the animal for a week before the show. You can prepare your pet to show in different ways. Someone will just bathe and clean out the animal and someone uses a huge amount of cat cosmetics, improving appearance. The main thing is not to overdo it, if the powder or traces of coloring are visible, the cat may be disqualified. Status of preparation: Clean its ears. Dirty ears will repel any judge. Tidy its claws. Do not forget that it is necessary to do with a special claw cutter. Your manicure scissors are not relevant here. Wash your cat using the shampoo and conditioner. Use familiar tools, or test new items in advance. Mismatched shampoo or conditioner can spoil your mood and deprive a pet of deserved prize. Longhair pets have to be combed: cheeks, neck, chest, back and legs - everything has to "communicate" with a special brush. Comb shorthair pets with powder, to give volume. After washing, you can spray onto the hair a special spray for hair recovery after shedding. How to bathe cats of different colors before the show If your pet's hair is white, then you should lather special shampoo for white cats 2 or 3 times. Last time, let the shampoo "work" on the hair for 3 minutes. If you have a pet of chinchilla or silver tabby color, it is necessary to wash the same shampoo as for white hair, but do not leave it on the hair for a long time. Red, tortoiseshell and red marble hair is washed with bronze agent. For pets with black hair, buy black shampoo. Theoretically, your pet is ready for the show, all the rest is additional tricks.