Amazing cats

Did you know that the cat - it's a wonderful thing? And here's why. The gestation period is about two months, to be precise is 58-65 days. Like the rabbit, the cat on the mid-term pregnancy can happen in parallel. Typically, such a pregnancy ends in miscarriage or premature birth, and sometimes successfully cat gives birth to kittens with two games every few weeks. By the way, in the same litter of kittens may be different fathers. Striped supermom able in certain circumstances to give birth every four months. It is therefore necessary to carefully monitor the feline population: sterilization and castration. After all, during his short life cat can bring the number of offspring in a hundred kittens. Record holder was a cat named Kitty, who was able to produce offspring at the age of thirty years. She led the entire 218 babies, kittens! Primacy in the category of "the largest litter" rightfully belongs to the Persian cat with South Africa bell. At one time she managed to give birth to as many as 19 kittens! If you take one cat and one cat, over the seven years the number of cats with two turns to 420,000. And in the United States for one year 35,000 kittens are born. Cat reaches sexual maturity at the age of five months, the cat is becoming an adult at nine. But only two years in the animal becomes completely ready for the continuation of the species. This is true of most breeds. After the birth of kittens eyes and ears are closed. And when your eyes are opened, they will always have a blue color. Of course, over time, changes color and becomes green, yellow or brown color, and in some breeds and remains blue. When kids will be three weeks, they have baby teeth begin to appear. And since three months, the baby teeth fall apart, and in their place, the permanent teeth grow in quantity of 30 pieces. The front paws kitty than the rear grow faster, but by the end of the third week of this difference disappears, although the coordination of movements is still imperfect. So often you can see how funny feet are leaving crumbs in different directions. Here they are - the cat! Amazing and unique!