Caring for a Persian Cat

First, a look at the exterior and that represents a given class. Here are the main features: - A long, fluffy, soft wool. - Flat muzzle - Discreet nose - Most "gold" eyes - For character flegmaty Next will talk about how to properly care for and a couple of tips on training of these wonderful animals. Let's start with the feeding: -This is a very peculiar animal nutrition, the main diet which includes "dry food". Is good «Pro Plan», «Royal Canin» and on the tastes of choice is very large. Still it is necessary to add that they be placed on the stern for neutered cats and neutered cats to roll on the stern and the stern has a large variety of options for the animal's needs. Consider the fact that the data represent a stern, namely the fact that you can read on the packaging such prestigious companies: For example, take the Pro Plan for neutered cats and neutered cats. Pro Plan adult neutered cats with turkey Complete food for young and adult neutered cats and neutered cats The turkey recipe as a very appetizing and digestible source of protein high palatability while reducing energy level, drug per day by 10% to maintain a stable body weight and reducing the risk of obesity high protein (41%) and insoluble fiber (5%) to reduce digestible carbohydrates and digestible glucose limitation to minimize the risk of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism and to reduce the risk of excess fat deposits system to maintain a neutral pH level of urine (pH 6,3-6,6) unique texture granules to reduce the formation of tartar and plaque Analysis of the feed: Protein - 41.0% fat - 12.0% fiber - 1.5% ash - 8.0% calcium - 1.2% Phosphorus - 1.0% Vitamin A - 21000 MO / kg Vitamin D3 - 1600 MO / kg Vitamin E - 170 mg / kg Vitamin C - 70 mg / kg Ingredients: turkey meat (20%), rice (14%), maize, chicken fat (preserved with tokoferonolov - a source of Vitamin E), dried poultry protein, wheat, Buryakova pulp, egg powder, yeast, fish oil, potassium chloride, calcium phosphate, salt, calcium carbonate, minerals, DL-methionine, L-lysine, copper (due to the copper sulfate) 12 mg / kg As we can see the contents of feed, and it may well sootvetstvuyut guarantee this kind of kind of cat. However, feeding dry food nikoem case forget about the toe of the total water - YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS! You do not want your pet suffered from dehydration. But this is not the only thing that can eat your peaches. You can also pamper their production company known «Wiskas». I do not need to write something that contains the product, which is divided into dry foods, as well as meat dishes as well as the name of the company and its popularization speaks for itself. But there are other firms that can feed the cat (the cat) - it is at your discretion. We now turn to courting appearance. Over, we mentioned the main priority of the animal long silky hair. The coat was in good condition it is necessary to comb out, and preferably every day. It's in your best interest. To do this, buy the iron comb, because the plastic comb does not stay long in operation on Persian thoroughbred. A comb out the hair because you need: -If you're not going to comb out, the wool is EVERYWHERE. Wool-you up at night pozalazit inhaled into the mouth and nose, and then to the lungs. Wool-you climb into your computer through the ventilation holes. -You can make allergies and as a result will have to say goodbye to these animals. -Also wool climb in the eye, and you will start to freak out, and that long hair. -Licking a lot of wool, into the stomach, and eventually expect that the floor is formed bunch, vyshivshaya by mouth is not very pleasant sound. We hope these few fad will convince you scratching your pet every day, because these fad just a drop of the sea. Teeth. For the teeth do not worry, if you feed your pet dry food quality. A brushing - this is the work of sadists. Nails. Buying all kinds of grinding stands for an adult cat - is meaningless. And if you buy it by teaching a child a little kitten. Sometimes you need to cut your nails. Not so much as a person, but we need to trim. If you do not follow the very first claw, which is the closest, so to speak, towards the middle, he eventually begins to twist and cut the leg, there will be blood, and then without a vet you can not do. Ears and eyes. Ears should preferably dripping with special drops. A very careful to clean cotton swab on a toothpick. Since it is the Persians their eyes are very sensitive to light. Eyes begin to slezitsa, and they should be wiped with cotton. Why brew a strong tea and wait until it cools down and becomes room temperature. And just wipe formed a brown substance on the closed eyes of a cotton swab dip it in tea. Well, these tips will get you the foundation for the courtship of your Persian. Also worth mentioning is that this animal is subject to training. Perhaps some of you will wonder about whether or not to train this beautiful animal. Yes, it is mandatory. Here's an example: Early in the morning you wake up from scratching on furniture (your little animals sharpening its claws). In your situation - the worst thing is to get up from the bed, and it bothers you scarring and it is still spoil the furniture! Action: scream and pshikat. Nor does it help? - It is not surprising. To encourage training for the method of "experience." This method consists in the fact that the animal for a certain sign ceased to have effect. To do so is to tame the animal to any gesture, for example, you say a secret word in a foreign language and the word animal reacts sharply. To accustom the animal to any word it is necessary that the word is associated with something. Why do we think of the word, such as "dortmunt", take your animal, say the word, and for example, give schelbany. After five minutes, repeat the procedure, then again, and so do a whole week, just do not break your head to your pet. Now, the pronunciation of the word animal understands that further follow schelbany, after which it sorts the method currently uniknut you try. Hopefully this article will help you in educating and grooming for your Persian cats.