Cats: comfort for your pet

Like all living beings, cats love comfort, but not every owner knows simple rules that can ensure the peace and tranquility of a pet. The most common mistake is the wrong approach of taking the cat in one's arms. Animals are very sensitive to this process, in any case, you cannot pull these front paws, take them at the waist, and generally touch the belly, and especially it is not desirable to take the adult cat by the scruff of the manner of a kitten. Such actions can cause pain and set it against the owner.

Do not forget that cats have better hearing than a human does, respectively, and a range of perceived sound waves it extends to ultrasound. Of course, loud sounds will be unpleasant for the animal and ultrasonic devices even more so.

You should not presume upon games with your favorite, in which it attacks you or your body. This behavior is fraught with the development of cats' aggression towards humans.

We have already mentioned that it is important to be careful when taking the cat in your arms. The main thing, in this case, is that the animal felt safe. Ideally, take your pet, holding his hind legs and resting on the chest. Some individuals like the pose, similar to the one in which people are nursing their babies. However, not every pet will agree with that position.

Anyone who has ever kept a cat knows that this animal very easily adapts to life with people and vice versa. Nevertheless, both home and street cats have a particular social order, and not knowing that is difficult to ensure the comfort of your pet.

Each cat has a few its areas. The most carefully guarded is a private space to be accessed only by the closest beings. This is followed by the social area, it lets there those animals to enter which it knows but does not feel deep affection. A very important area is a house, a place where the pet lives. It believes that it is solely its own and never let strangers to go there. The last level is the neighborhood; the cat treats other individuals fairly loyal as neighbors here. Naturally, these last zones intersect between different individuals, and these "neighbors" will defend their territory together in case of intruders.

It is also important to understand that cats forming a group have their own hierarchy. At the top is a strong alpha male, followed by all the others, and on the very bottom of the ladder are weak or defective individuals, which are provoked by the rest. Understanding the physiological device of the cats and their unique system of communication will help a loving owner to make his/her pet happy.

Cats: comfort for your pet