Amazing facts about cats

Everyone is interested in something. Hobby brings joy and peace of mind. Pets - not only a hobby, it's a matter of pride owner. Everything in the world there are about 500 million pet cats. There are thirty three main species. There is a sign: if a homeless shelter kitten, the house settles luck, get rid of the animal - within seven years will not be luck. Drown kittens - bring on the violent death of their loved ones for seven generations. If your Murka clean - it's close to the guests. From the behavior of cats can be determined mood of your guest: if the cat to him fawn, guest friendly to you is, and if it sizzles on the stranger - you have a guest unfriendly man. It happens that the owner of a cat kneads any part of the body, that it shows that at this point in the host health problem. Cats have developed psychic abilities. They are anticipating natural disasters, earthquakes, fires, rescuing his restless behavior sometimes host. Purring home favorite of beneficial effects on the nervous and cardiovascular system of a person. Therefore, the people who keep the house cat, less prone to heart disease. On sleep in the cat takes about sixteen hours a day, a third of the rest of the time she spends on grooming. The place where the cat likes to sleep is detrimental to human and is considered unsuitable for setting bed. The body temperature of 38 degrees in cats, and the heart rate up to 110 - 140 beats. Hatred of baleen and Stripes to the smell of citrus used to scare them away from certain places where the cat is not allowed to take a crap and sharpen claws. Interestingly, in cats only sweat pads of feet. Adorable animals may issue a hundred sounds. In addition, through the cat's meow "communicate" with people, but not to each other. Our favorites of baleen understands the tone of voice with which to address them, and remember the individual words. Sensitive ears of cats are able to pick up sounds from the frequency of 50 Hz to 60 kHz, while our ears are hard to perceive even the sounds of a 20 kHz! In nature, the cat's tail held horizontally, and lift up the tail pipe home. So she shows love to the owner. Figure skin on the cat's nose is unique, like human fingerprints. The smallest feline brethren living in Sri Lanka. These red cat weighs only three pounds, and the size of their reach six inches. The smallest cat in the world was a cat named Tinker Toy, weighed just under a pound increase 7cm A Himmy was the largest in Australia, with the volume at the waist 84 cm, he weighed 21 kg. Considered to be long-lived cat from England Puss, who lived to 36 years. For your cat's life cat can bring many offspring - a hundred kittens. One cat from Argentina, living in a tree, brought several litters kids. The cat's whiskers are constantly moving. If they are facing forward, then something the cat is interested, and if back - afraid of something. Whiskers help to determine the wind direction, temperature and other environmental parameters. With their help, the cat can orient in space. According to statistics, most cats live in Australia, where 10 residents have nine cats. On the Asian continent excels in Indonesia, where about 30 million animals. In Europe, France in the first place, they are counted 8,000,000. There are countries where it is not taken to keep domestic cats, such as Peru and Gabon. In USA the cat can be found in almost every household. These amazing animals please the eye and bring joy and satisfaction of the owner.