BRITISH CATS. Aristocrat at home

Cats, like plush toys Like all Brits, cats of this breed - the real aristocrats and behave with great dignity. They always go to the toilet regularly, do not tear anywhere furniture and will not cast a vote without cause, to say nothing of hovering on the carpets and curtains. This is just below their dignity. They love to play, but not intrusive. Do not be afraid to leave them at home alone, they will find something to occupy. To look at the British resemble plush toys, but they are completely raised. Males of this species - one of the most popular in the world. In view of the independence of his character the British do not like to sit for a long time on their hands. They patiently wait out 1-2 minutes, then will break out aggressively. Do not suffer when they are stroking strangers. Of course, among the representatives of this breed is affectionate pets, but be allowed to pat themselves only if they want it themselves. The British, in spite of considerable weight and size, it is very flexible and agile. Breeders often claim that the British - the most sociable cats, love children and get along well with other pets. If you have a house there is, for example, non-confrontational dog, the cat will remain neutral, and if something can stand up for themselves. But as for the children, especially the young, who often do not understand the differences of animal soft toys with them that the cat can not get along. Features color. Most often you can meet the cats with blue and purple colors. This is the classic versions. Among the advantages - excellent quality short hair, which could make the Russian felinologists. Less common are black and chocolate colors with a deep velvety touch. A white and red (right - red), the British general meet infrequently. The most fashionable - it's two cats-and tri-color. Silver-spotted kittens are the most affectionate and will be more inclined to curl up in your lap. British chinchilla look chic and very highly regarded. Features of care and treatment. Cats of this breed are very clean and they shall take care of themselves. From the owner only need to follow the eyes and ears and occasionally nails cut. Though this breed and Shorthair, these cats do not shed less than other breeds, especially in the spring molt. For special rubber suit combing comb, which are readily available in the pet store. As feed Britons recommend dry food premium. Do not forget to watch my weight pet, this breed is prone to obesity, especially if the cat is a sedentary lifestyle. Every year pet must be inoculated at a veterinary clinic. If your plans do not include this breed to breed, the animal must necessarily neutered or spayed to prevent unwanted diseases, including cancer. Since this breed is bred artificially, in their genes, it is prone to certain diseases, for example, such as heart disease or hemophilia. Breeders often keep silent about this topic, because hardly anyone carries laid a DNA test. Therefore, setting the stage for the British at home, remember that regular baseline medical examination by a veterinarian should be the norm for you.