Cats: castration and sterilization

Wonderful creation are kittens! As soon as you see them, you immediately want to take them in your hands, to play with them; you feel some sort of adoration and pleasure. It is worth considering for cat owners that the fluffy beauty is surprisingly fertile. Cats breed well and in their entire life, they can produce a huge amount of ... kittens! If a cat is pedigree and the owner has decided to breed this breed, he/she should first think - how much effort it would take! The progeny should grow healthy, it must be properly trained, and then to find an owner for a kitten. If the cat is outbred, then it will be harder to find a new home for kittens! - Cat's "meowing" period In such a time, the cat and the female cat are particularly drawn to each other! Moreover, it's hard not to pay attention on it! A cat or a female cat so much calls a partner; tries to break free of the home territory, marks a territory... It is much easier with a female cat, she does it several times a year, but the male cat ... he can "walk" and "mark a territory" the whole year ... - "Spring Serenades" Surely, everyone has heard that more than once! Both street cats and home cats have them. Again, male cats mark territory, sexual dysfunction begins, they are nervous, scratch and can bite... - How to avoid problems? In order to avoid all sorts of problems, you can give your cat drugs to reduce sexual desire, a vet prescribes them. You should not give these drugs to your favorite for a long time, because they can lead to various diseases of the reproductive system. - The best option The best option is emasculation (sterilization). A male cat can be stagged when he is twelve weeks old, and a female cat can be stagged when she is ten weeks old. In addition, the best is to do what will tell the vet, after examining the pet. - Sterilization or castration - which one is better? Sterilization: the pet still has the ability to mate, as there are organs that form the hormones. Castration: pets completely stop any amorous adventures. -Feeding It is believed that after castration, the cat gains weight and becomes lazy. Yes, there are some hormonal changes in pet's body. Therefore, the cat should be given dry feed with less fat and portions should be smaller than before. The main thing is now the favorite does not suffer from sexual desire, and castration does not affect its playful and affectionate nature!