A puppy: how to choose

Any future owner before getting a puppy, should answer two questions:

  • • Does he need a dog;
  • • Could he give it enough time and proper care.

Keep in mind a puppy requires greater attention: at an early age, the necessary attitude to the owner lays. Every breed hardly tolerate loneliness, so you should think very carefully.

Loneliness, lack of attention and abuse directly affect the animal's psyche. Good training is another condition of education of organized, disciplined and obedient dog, so the owner's personal contribution should be colossal: it includes patience, endurance and, of course, love. Proper training requires personal life of the owner of the animal, a place to which the pet will get accustomed and will respond to it responsibly.

If the owner does not care about the dog, the latter will react uncontrollability. This is the reaction of the animal to stress and ill-treatment; so, it is worth to think if you can make an animal happy. A pet, deprived of the owner's attention, will bring sorrow instead of joy.

If the owner has decided he is able to properly educate a happy pet, it is worth thinking about some other issues. It is necessary to pay attention to his own living conditions. If you do not want to risk the interior of an apartment or a house, it is easier to give up this idea. Note that the home for the pet should be as much spacious in urban environments as possible; also be prepared that silence, order and tranquility will be diminished somewhat with the advent of a new family member. A dog of any breed periodically sheds, so the effort involved to maintain the cleanliness of the house is required.

Monitor the purity of your pet's paws to keep your home clean. In this case, your furniture will not bear dog prints of dirty paws after a walk. Taking the puppy, remember you should not expect purity from it; little annoyances will happen quite often. Be patient and gradually, as it grows older, teach your dog to defecate in the right place.

Do not forget about the possible departures for personal trips and business. The animal without a master, experiences severe stress, which may be less if you give the animal to your loved ones or friends.

The financial side of the issue of keeping the dog requires clear position whether you are be able to pay such necessary expenses as meals, special equipment, and periodic visits to a vet. The larger the breed is, the more it costs; try to correctly assess your budget and proportion your own capabilities.

The best option for keeping the animal is a spacious house. If you intend to have a pet in an apartment, you should keep in mind that a barking dog could be a reason for disagreements with neighbors.

If you rent a flat, thus you must ask the owner's permission to get a dog. The best option would be a special position in relation to the dog in the rental contract.

In modern cities, there are provided areas for walking dogs. Walking the pet, teach it to defecate in a permitted place. If there are not such zones in the town, choose a place where the animal will meet its needs: the others should be OK with it.

The animal should not be a toy for children, so if you get a dog solely for the games for your child, it is better to give up this idea. Even if you get the dog at the request of your child, be prepared for the fact that most of the responsibility for the animal will be on you. If there are babies in the family, you must do everything possible so that the dog does not suffer from the behavior of children, who cannot control their impulses. A dog is not a toy, but a source of increased danger: in response to the strikes and pain, it may bite.

If you are quite sure you can keep the animal, you can have specific questions: choosing healthy and strong puppy, the necessary breed, sex and desirable traits. Answers to these questions will be discussed further.

A puppy: how to choose