Designer dogs

If you love everything unusual, then a cocktail of dog breeds is exactly for you. If the dogs are purebred, it is almost possible to predict what will be the offspring. However, what happens if to cross breeds, and even more, not similar to each other, we can only assume. Moreover, it is difficult to guess not only the physical characteristics, but also the character of the pet.

Design breeds began to emerge at the end of the last century. Breeders attempted to create a dog that would have a hypoallergenic hair like a poodle, but apparently would have the characteristics of other breeds of dogs. Thus, it can be assumed what in the end will turn out, as the mother and father are known.

Making a cocktail of the breed, breeders pursued another goal, to save the animal from hereditary diseases, or at least reduce health problems. Statistics is relentless, purebred dogs have about 350 known diseases that are inherited. Although, there is a great risk of getting the opposite result in a clot of hereditary diseases. For instance, in the Labradoodle breeding, hypoallergenicity of first generation was almost perfect, but these labels have had the hair, which gave allergic reactions.

The crossing of different breeds of dogs, not as studied as elimination of cattle breeding. Therefore, it is very difficult to say with certainty what will be, for example, the nature of the puppy.

Later, designer dog breeds for the most part became an accessory, like a handbag or boots. The designer breed cannot only be determined by an extraordinary appearance, but also by name. Usually, the first letters of the names of the two breeds are fold and they get a new name, for example, shpundel is a mixture of a schnauzer and a poodle. Breeders have also created a hybrid of several breeds, for example, Chusky, three purebred breeds of dogs: shepherd, husky and Chow. These breeds belong to lap companion dogs.

Now, designer dog breeds are much criticized, as it is believed that breeders chase unique breed. Never are conducted tests for hereditary diseases and compatibility. On the other hand, dogs bred this way live longer than their purebred parents did, because their health is much better.

In any case, designer dog gives a certain status of the owner. These pets characterize its owner as a person who possess something unique, that is not available to others.