Wonder dog

Afghan hound is an ancient breed of dog, there is a lot of evidence about this. In a cave in Iran, they have found drawings of greyhounds. These drawings are ancient, they are dated 9500 BC. More images of greyhounds are found in the Nile Valley in the graves. The home country of Afghan Hounds is so far controversial. Some dog experts say about Saudi Arabia, while others believe that it is ancient Greece, others argue and say it is Persia. The dogs were imported to Afghanistan with the help of Arab merchants. For residents of the Afghanistan, Afghan hound is a symbol of independence, courage and invincibility. According to some records, these dogs were forbidden to be exported from Afghanistan for a long time. Afghan dogs were valuable gift for respected people. Afghan hound is the property of the country and national pride. Mountain hunters tried to develop the highest speed in greyhounds from the very beginning. Centuries have gone on the improvement, despite the fact they are inherently predisposed to hunt and races for speed. With Afghan hounds, they hunted hares, deer, foxes, wolves, and gazelles. The subtle body has helped them to penetrate deep into the hole. This breed has exceptional speed and endurance - the drive of unfortunate prey could last for tens of kilometers. In addition, the Afghan hound was an excellent guard for livestock and land. In Europe, Afghan hounds have appeared in the early twentieth century. This happened in the UK, where subsequently the first club of greyhound owners and lovers was founded. A year later, in 1927, Afghan hounds have appeared in the USA. Nowadays, they are very popular around the world because of their noble, aristocratic appearance (glossy magazines like to use them in a fashion shooting). Afghan hound is a noble elegant dog, with almond-shaped dark eyes, an elongated skull, and massive, strong legs. For this breed, a fringe is characterized that covers its head and forehead, silky long hair, curled tail ring. The long and strong neck gives this dog a proud look. "Saddle" is one of the main signs of the breed; the coat is short and tight on it. Afghan hound fell into the hands of wealthy people who are interested in exterior data rather than hunting qualities. Breeders wanted to make coat longer and thicker to enhance the decorative qualities. Gradually, the initial image of greyhound went into history, replaced by a lap Afghan hound dog. However, they did not become less beautiful or elegant dogs, they are still very aristocratic!