How choose diet for siberian husky? Useful recommendations.

This article would be useful for huskies owners, or those who thinking about bought of small puppy. Huskies are known for being very active animals, so it’s important that they have the right amount of calories to keep up with their lifestyle. They need high-energy foods to get them through the day. Originally bred to be working dogs in hard cold conditions of Siberia. These dogs are just perfect for sledding, these traits continue to thrive in the breed, and have been known to travel far distances of even a small amount of food. That doesn’t mean that you can feed them just anything, however. Because they’re so different from other dog breeds, they don’t eat like they do. Huskies weigh between 35 pounds (small females) and 60 pounds (large males). - How to feed and how often? When it comes to eating, most dogs tend to eat whatever food is put in front of them (best example is mastiff, which can eat all over the day). This leads to the danger of over-eating and getting sick. However, huskies are quite different. They watch their intake of food to regulate how many calories they’re burning. If a husky is already full or isn’t very active, they won’t eat at all. Typically, a husky will only eat after he has had a lot of exercise. That isn’t to say that huskies won’t overeat, however. When they do, they put the weight on very quickly and it becomes quite difficult to lose. Overweight huskies also have shorter life spans than healthier ones. Perhaps due to their metabolism, the breed seems to be very efficient with food. Breeders and owners also report that it is not unusual for Siberian Huskies to skip a meal or two and that this should not cause too much concern. Huskies will eat when they are hungry. - Protein and Fat Diet Ideal husky diets are almost entirely animal protein and fat. Dogs in general need very little carbohydrate and huskies need almost none. Some breeders and husky enthusiasts point out that huskies eat some plant matter (such as berries and roots) in their native environment during the spring and summer, and recommend feeding these occasionally. Other than fruit and veggie treats, your husky's food should contain only meat including organ meat fat and bone meal. Consult your veterinarian about the ideal weight for your dog and feed accordingly. You will probably find that your husky needs a surprisingly small amount of food and large amount of exercise to keep in shape.