Is it worth to get a dog?

Many people think about it. Perhaps, there is you in their number. If you have a desire to have a four-legged friend, then read this article, it will help you. We will not say that dog is a loyal and devoted friend, but it is true. On the contrary, let us look at the disadvantages that exist.


If you have decided to get a dog, it is logical to assume that you want a puppy. You cannot walk a puppy about 3 weeks, and, therefore, it will pee and defecate at home. However, this is not the worst thing, it is just 3 weeks. Then you need to teach it to the street, and this, as soon as the puppy wakes up it is necessary to carry on the street (so everything was all right with the bones). The result is a 5-10 walks a day. Let us say that in two weeks you taught him to use the toilet just outside. It seems all the problems are solved.… However, no. You have to walk a dog in any weather. Even when there is slush outside, blizzard, bitter cold and so on. Walk it at least 30 minutes. After that, bring it home and wash its paws. You can do this in any basin, but if it is very dirty and comes home, then you need to bathe it in the bath.... Then, it is necessary to wipe and dry it. This is not all. You do go to work or shopping. However, the dog does not. It is at home in that time. In addition, it is bored, of course. There is no owner. Therefore, it takes its free time. That is chews your shoes, furniture, and wires. Throws everything possible around the apartment. Moreover, waits when you come home. Do you think it is not true? So, believe me ... However, you come home tired. You want to come to a cozy apartment. Enter the house and see the amazing picture that your house is a mess. You cannot blame the dog; it had already forgotten what it did and is glad you came home. If you come and complain, it will not be happy anymore when you come home, and you can forget about friendship. Of course, you have not enough time to clean the flat, and the dog wants to walk. Moreover, you go with it for an hour or two. You come home, and go to eat. No, your dog goes to eat. It is OK if you give it ready-made feeds, but maybe you give it home food, then you cook the food for it. Give it a meal, and then you clean after it, because they usually eat slovenly. Then you clean the apartment; go on your business without forgetting to play with your pet. Finally, go to bed with your friend. Now ask yourself, do you need a dog? Yes? Well, you are a hero! Then we move on.


If you think you need a dog, then think what you need to buy for it. These are leashes, muzzles, collars, overalls, vitamins, toys and so on. By the way, buy feeds every month. Then, the trainer and vet's services may be even groomer (though not for all). If you want your dog had offspring, it means trips to dog shows, proper nutrition and feeding puppies. Then, it is necessary to sell them. If a dog gets sick, it is also necessary to consider, you should know that vet's services are very expensive. Even so, you still need a dog. Well, you are serious! Nevertheless, that is not all. Let us continue...


If you dine, the dog sits next to you and is drooling. After it feels full, be sure to wipe your dog's snout ... Either it does on your furniture. Walking the dog, and if carefully washed it, the dirt will be still at house. They shed all year, occasionally it is active and not in another. Well, if the dog finds something delicious in the street, than be sure it will eat this. Then it will breathe on you. Moreover, sometimes, in the middle of the night, it could throw up on your favorite rug. Do you need a dog? Strange. However, the last moment remains.


The important point is the dog may spoil the relationship with relatives or very close friends. For example, with your neighbors. After all, when you are at home, the dog protects you, and, of course, is barking. When you are out, it is bored and howls (not always, but often). The dog could not like your loved one, especially if you live separately. Your friends will unlikely visit you, because there is hair, saliva and the dog, gazing with an incredulous look. Moreover, you could not visit friends, because the dog is at home all the day. They are unlikely to take you to with your dog. Probably, you do not want to get a dog. Do you want to? Well, are there doubts at least? No? Do you still live without a dog? Well, you really need a dog and how you lived without it so far. Congratulations, you've become one of us, dog lovers!