Rules for training a puppy

Raising a puppy is a big responsibility and large work. If a person has decided not just to get a dog, but to raise it, then it is worthy of all praise and respect. Before you start to educate your puppy, you need to read the necessary literature, to communicate with other dog breeders, consult with your vet. It is important to approach this issue with sufficient seriousness and willingness. Do not think if you bought a puppy or purebred dog with a pedigree, the dog automatically ​​should be smart, go to the toilet and would be able to follow orders. Professional trainers share training stages of training puppies at the preparatory and basic. Preparatory is the stage when the puppy has not had time to take away from the mother, then its reflexes and habits are developed that allow the owner to control puppy behavior. A basic stage of education is the whole life of the dog, aimed at clear and trouble-free following orders. Educating young puppies of different breeds contains some guidelines, and training adult dogs is carried out in different ways, depending on the breed. If a man took a puppy, he just needs to accustom it to the place, to teach the dog not to whine unnecessarily, not to shit at home, but in a special place, not to spoil the home improvement, not to jump on the little children, an owner and other family members. It is not necessary after the puppy purchase to allow him run around the house and sniff at all the places. Puppy's rug should be clean and regular and varied meals. Clean water in the bowl. Arrange him enough space to play. Walk puppy in the fresh air. People surrounding the puppy must love animals. He needs constant care. Do not forget about vaccinations. It is important to ensure that the puppy does not walk near the small items that he can swallow, because it will be a problem later. If the owner has any questions regarding to the care of a puppy, it is important to go straight to the vet and consult. Try to use praise and negative reinforcement. Any proper puppy behavior deserves praise, stroke, treat or games. An example of negative reinforcement may be a sharp jerk of the leash or the command "You must not!". If the dog is satisfied with his so-called "new family", he quickly becomes accustomed and forgets his old home. Nevertheless, if the kid whines at night due to lack of mother, do not blame, regret or beat him. This will take place over time. It is not possible to teach him to go to the toilet at once. If your dog shat on the carpet, there is no need to beat him and scold. You must say out loud that he cannot do that anymore. It is necessary to raise him by your tone and behavior. When the dog walks and urinated, it is necessary to praise him and pat, saying: "Walk, walk, well done!". You can treat it with something tasty. Punish your pet only when he does something wrong. If you scold him later, the dog does not understand what is happening and why his master is dissatisfied. Do not beat a puppy hardly, chasing him with a broom, or throw him. You can snub the dog. In this way, the dog can go have bad character. Communication with the master should cause positive emotions, in any case the dog should not irritate. While walking with your hairy friend, you must teach him to walk around, not to pull the leash in different directions, not to pick up everything from the ground, not to sniff the garbage cans, using "Off!" and the command "You must not". Teach the puppy not to sniff passersby, or climb them, or jump on people. First, walk small dogs walking in quiet places, where there are no cats and dogs. Gradually, you can walk them in other places and meet other puppies. Do not use a leash to punish the dog. In addition, the dog should not be allowed to play with it. In order to give the dog to training in the future, it is necessary to make it understand the owner's teams, intonations and gestures. We must develop the dog's skills and habits necessary for you and the family members. You have to be a leader in dealing with the dog. I want to say something else. Do not be afraid to spend time for puppy training. After all, these moments of our lives make a little piece of happiness not only for humans but also for animals. The dog whole life is in communication with the master. How can you betray an animal and forget about it. Moreover, I want to finish with familiar words: "We are responsible for those who we have tamed". These are wise words. We should love our pets, take care of them, heal, walk with them, and communicate with them. The dog would never abandon its master; it will be faithful to him to the last moment of his life. Give your love to the animal, so it was not too late.