French bulldog puppy: keeping rules and terms

French bulldog puppy is a cute and funny creature. Your children will love it and make friends with it. The main is to follow a few important rules in the house where it lives, and then everyone will be happy.

What should you should about the keeping of the puppy?

First, it is necessary to highlight the pet a private place where it will be in complete safety, and no one will ever touch it. This is very important, without the ability to relax and focus on the game; you will not bring up a healthy and friendly dog.

A puppy requires particularly careful approach to nutrition. It should be appropriate to the age and needs of the dog. The owners do not have to add to their food the spice or sweetness; it will spoil its stomach and teeth.

The owners should be alert to the health of their pet and take good care of him. In addition, it is necessary to educate the puppy and to communicate with it. First, the puppy will perceive a caring person like its mother, and then it has to see him/her as a leader of the pack.

French bulldog training begin in childhood. The owner will have to show a lot of patience and time to stock up, to raise a good companion and friend.

French Bulldogs have a very interesting behavior. They have a strong and balanced nervous system. This is a mobile animal, which does not like to sit in one place for a long time. Puppies of this breed are distinguished by intelligence and love order. They have one drawback - they are jealous. The pet long will be offended if you stroke the neighbor's dog; it may even be jealous to another family member. Do not keep these dogs in pairs. Especially two males or two females get along together. Your French will always assert its primacy and divide your attention. This will cause a lot of quarrels and noisy fuss.

French bulldogs grow excellent guards. Despite the small size, they have a sensitive ear and very attentive to the other sounds. The dog can hear dangerous noise even in its sleep.

By the way, the French Bulldogs can snore during sleep. This feature begins to emerge from childhood. Do not worry, it is not a pathology.

French bulldog puppy can be stubborn and jealous, or happy and cheerful; in any case, you will get a true friend, able to get along with young children and elderly people. Just love your pet and enjoy its company.